About Us

Principal Affiliate of Kerala State Rutronix

Surabhi Human Resource Development Centre is the principal affiliate of KERALA STATE RUTRONIX conducting Multimedia courses under the Surabhi Multimedia Project all over Kerala.SHRD strives at bridging up the increasing gap between supply and demand of skilled Animation and Multimedia professionals by focusing on providing quality and excellence in education with technologically demanding reviews and periodic updates. It is our belief that quality stems from activity and that quality is the only sustaining factor for any organization in the long run. There is a dedicated team of professionals who pool up their individually diverse resources for common goals directed at industry based requirements and total per-fection of the development process at hand. The SHRD has a team of hardcore pro-fessionals are facilitated with periodic updates and quality enhancement techniques from reputed corporate professionals as and when required.

Being set up as a social welfare society, SHRD strives for the following objectives:

     Promote quality based and industry relevant computer education
     Standardizing and creating uniformity in computer education through State wide implementation with a subsidized fee structure, especially for women of both the rural and urban areas
     Providing professional training to the youth for their welfare and personal up-liftment
     Set and maintain standards in computer education and training procedures by updating not only the syllabus and curriculum but also ensures infrastructure development of the ATCs from time to time
     Empower the youth who aim at global IT professions, to stand tall amidst a competent and challenging future